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Related post: Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 19:12:10 +1100 From: iarwain7 Subject: real-mouthful-3Usual Disclaimer: If you are not 18 years old yet do not read. If you are offended by male to male sexual content definitely do not read. If the laws in your state or county forbid this type of material, do not read. Otherwise enjoy the story and genuine comments will be appreciated.The author preteens ******** mpegs retains copyright (2004) to this story. Reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright.Since it is over five months since A Real Mouthful was posted the readers might find checking what's gone on before helpful in refreshing their memories about the diabolical hold Martin has over his (un?)willing victims and his quest to drive them to ever greater peaks of performance.A Real Mouthful. -Part Three.Hustle and bustle was the name of the game as everybody busily packed up and loaded the cars. Johnno drove off first, followed by Mark, and Peter and Giano climbed into Martin's car. When preteen nymphets tgp he appeared Peter saw that particular smile on his face."Okay! Out of the car and follow me!"Wondering what was happening they went back into the cabin, and watched as Martin took his shirt off."What are you waiting for? Everything off! Both of you, and get each other boned up!"What's happening? Aren't we going back to College?""If I give you the choice of sucking my dick or going back, which will you choose Peter?""You know the answer Martin!""Say it properly Peter! You should have learnt that by now!""I'd love to suck your dick Martin!"You don't sound like you mean it! Come here Peter!"Peter walked over and gasped in disbelief when Martin shoved his hand down the front of his shorts."Stand still and we'll find out whether you want to stay another night."Martin's hand curved around Peter's cock and squeezed the head of it while Peter looked round in panic in case there was anybody watching."So do you want to stay Peter?""Yes Martin! Please let's go inside!"The grin returned in full force and Peter couldn't get inside fast enough when Martin left his hand where it was."Okay! We're inside now! What does that mean?"Peter didn't even answer but pulled his t-shirt over his head, dropped his shorts and pulled his jocks off. Giano did the same when Martin nodded at him."Very good Giano! You're catching on quickly! Now! Get each other boned up and stay that way. Whenever we're together you know I expect you to be looking ready for action. Don't let each other get soft Peter or I'll work out some kind of penalty."Peter faced Giano and knelt in front of him. He slipped a finger in and started massaging his prostate while his other hand guided Giano's cock into his mouth. In an instant Giano was hardening, and when Peter felt the swelling knob, he used the tip of his tongue to tease all-round it. As soon as Giano was rigid, Peter jumped up and waited while Giano did the same to him."Hey! That's good! You took about a minute each and you've just given me a good idea. I want you to try getting each other hard as quick as you can. Practice it everyday. Now! I've had a think about our agreement to keep Giano a secret and I'm not very happy with it. I won't go back on my word but I'm going to make you work hard for it. Tell me, what do you want me to make you do Peter?""Um! Whatever you want Martin. As long as it doesn't hurt.""That's not good enough. Tell me what you think about when you're all sexed up and wishing I was there."This was a lot harder to say, especially with Giano there, and when Peter hesitated he saw Martin get his winning smile."Come on! Say it all!""I dream that I'm lying in the dark and you came in and I have to suck you for ages and then you make me sit on your cock and keep riding it. I keep thinking that you use your hands all preteens young model the time to play with my balls and tease my cock and I want it to keep going all night.""What about Giano? What do you think about him?""I want to be lying close to him and cuddled up and touching him all the time. Most of all I like it when my cock is inside him""Have I made you do anything you didn't like?""I didn't like it when you embarrassed me in public, but that's a bit strange in a way, because I liked it too.""That doesn't make sense.""I think I liked you making me do it Martin, but not what I had to do."And what will I make you do Giano?""I want Peter to do things to me.""What? Don't you like me doing things?""Yes I do Martin! But I thought you meant what I want the most."Peter wondered what Martin would say to this but he just laughed."Go and get preteen archive hardcore the mattresses off the bunk beds and bring them out here."In a few minutes the mattresses were set up side-by-side on the floor with sheets over them."This is your working area till we leave tomorrow. Now! Put on a show from me for half an hour while I think up some rules and ideas for you. Let's see! You preteen naturist pussy can take turns at riding each other and there has to be action for the whole time, but neither of you is allowed to shoot. I mean it this time too, and if either of you do shoot, then Giano will be putting on a show. Understand?"Peter nodded to Martin and wondered why he was being so forceful about things after the friendly time they'd had the night before. He grabbed the lubrication and squeezed some inside Giano then gasped when Giano's hands worked more onto his own dick. He knew he'd have to do most of the riding because Giano was so responsive. Under Martin's watchful eye he gently worked his fingers inside Giano and spent a moment stretching him, black preteen nude then carefully pushed his dick in. Giano smiled at him."It's all right Peter. I'm quite used to it now and Martin already loosened me up this morning while you were doing your blow jobs."Just seeing preteen sexy video Giano smile at him made Peter want to hug him tight, and since they were face-to-face in their favorite position that's what he did. He whispered into Giano's ear."I love you G. but you're too sexy.""So do I. And so are you."Giano whispered his reply and gave a return hug."Hey! Save the lovey stuff for your spare time. preteen nudity porn I told you I wanted action."Peter started a slow pumping action and straightaway knew that he was in trouble. Giano felt so good around his dick that it was going to be a battle not to come. Immediately he slowed his cock movement even more but Martin gave a negative shake of his head, and he had to speed up till Martin changed to a nod. In and out, in and out, Peter kept preteen tgp nymphet the steady movement going and every time he went in the nerves on the head of his cock gave him a jolt of pure pleasure. At the same time he played with Giano's cock to keep it as hard as Martin had demanded. After only five minutes he knew he had to stop."G. We'll have to stop. Martin hasn't let me come since last night and it's making me all randy. You might have to do me most of the time with the way I'm feeling.""I'll try Peter, but he didn't let me come this morning either."One glance at Martin's satisfied look and Peter knew that once again he'd said exactly what Martin was waiting for."I told you you were going to work for it. Now get that action going or I'll add photos preteens models another five minutes."In and out, in and out, Peter kept going as slowly as he dared, till ls amateur preteen the blood pumping into his cock made him feel like he was going to burst, and when his balls started tightening he quickly pulled out and knelt on all fours."It's your turn G. I was too close then."He was lubed up quickly and now it was Giano's turn to do the pumping. The immediate urgency died away but the warm feeling of Giano's free uderage preteen moving body was a real turn on just by itself, and every push of Giano's cock made a hint of a tingle come from Peter's prostate. They talked to each other and tried gay black preteen to adjust to give each other the least amount of sensation. Peter made himself as loose around Giano as he could and then they tried making Giano's cock go in at a different angle so that it wouldn't rub Peter's prostate. They had to stop that because it made Giano's cock get more sensation from pressing against the side of Peter's chute. When he heard a little groan, Peter quickly pulled himself preteen modls bgalleries off Giano's cock and after an extra squirt of lubrication he slid his own rock-hard cock back into Giano, who'd taken his place kneeling on the mattress. In and out, in and out, Peter's cock was raging. His body had the feeling that it wanted to go faster and faster but his mind held tight and he managed preteen japanese tgp to keep to the slow steady pace. legal preteen galleries The rush and tingle started to build and Peter tried to tighten his groin to force it away but this only helped for a short while before he was forced to swap with Giano again."Do we have much time to go Martin?""Fourteen minutes Peter, but I'm not going to tell you from now on."Oh no! Peter didn't think they had any hope of lasting that long, as he felt Giano's cock sliding back pussy pic preteen inside him. In and out, in and out, it felt so good, but Giano stopped after what must have only been a couple of minutes, and as fuck girl preteens they swapped position Peter could see the strain preteen sex acts and perspiration on his face. He gave him a quick hug and kiss before setting his own cock back to work. In and out, in and out, the smooth, slippery tunnel sent messages of pleasure charging through his cock and the tingle started to become a rush. His body betrayed him and he gave a couple of quick hard thrusts before his mind fought back just in time for him to pull out. His poor cock! The head was swollen and red and he could feel it throbbing in time with his pulse. As he went to kneel on the mattress he heard Martin's voice."Come over metart nude preteen here Peter!"With his dick straining up and his balls half tight Peter moved till he was standing in front of Martin. He didn't know what would happen but maybe it would give Giano a chance to cool down."Boy! You look like you're ready to hump anything that moves. How hard are you?"Martin's hand closed round him and Peter shut his eyes and went a bit shaky at the knees as Martin gave several firm squeezes, and when he felt his cock-head being played with he gasped in a deep breath and held it till he heard Martin's laugh."Okay Peter! You're doing a good job so far, but I'm american preteen naked making it too easy for you. Get going again before I extend your time."In and out, in and out. Poor Giano. He was groaning with each push he made and Peter expected him to swap after a very short time. He didn't swap and his sounds got louder and louder till incest preteen girl Peter knew they had to separate. Giano held him tight though and after a few more pushes he let out a yell and nearly pushed Peter over as he rammed hard into him and then totally collapsed on Peter's back. Peter knelt there waiting for Giano to recover and looked at Martin to see what he'd say."Well! Giano is in trouble but you've got a chance to get him out of it Peter. There's eight minutes left so it's up to you. Get him lubed preteen sex illegal up again, and I want you going faster than you were before. I shouldn't have to keep telling you this but I expect to see you using the whole length of your cock."In and out, in and out, with the sensations building through the whole length of his thrusting rod, Peter had no way of stopping the inevitable. He tried to hang on but when his balls contracted and his cock suddenly wanted to burst, his basic instincts took over, making him plunge deep and furiously into Giano. As his juices flooded out he wrapped his arms around Giano and held him like he never wanted to let go. When he looked up he saw a great smile on Martin's face."That was unreal! It was so good I'm going to go easy on you. Giano, if I make a rule I won't break it, but instead of telling everyone I'll only tell one person and I'll also make them keep quiet about it. I'll even let you choose who you want it to be, and you can put on an hour show for them. Peter! You nearly got Giano out of trouble there. Another four minutes and he would have been saved. For your penalty I'm going to do something which I know you must like, because it's in story number eight of your favourites."Peter's mind raced as he worked out which story Martin was talking about. Oh hell! Not that one!"Martin! I wouldn't really like that. It's just a fantasy.""Well! We'll find out won't we. It is there as one of your favourites, so you must be interested. Don't worry we won't make it painful like in the story because I wouldn't like that hot preteen incest either, but we will make it interesting. Now! Have a shower and clean each other up while I make a snack."When they got to the kitchen Martin had delicious toasted sandwiches and a can of drink ready for each of them, and for ten minutes they chatted and ate. As Peter finished washing the plates he saw Martin with a grin on his face and his hands held low with the palms facing up. He nudged Giano to get his attention and they both moved so their balls were resting on Martin's waiting hands."Please Martin! Do what you'd like with my balls because it feels great.""Yes! The same for me please Martin. Your hand feels so good.""That's the way Giano! You're getting as good at Peter at this."Martin's fingers tugged and teased till first Giano and then Peter was standing with full boners and warm, stretched balls."How would you feel about getting your cock pierced Peter?"Peter stared in disbelief."No! I won't do it!"Martin just laughed."Just stirring! I wouldn't let you anyhow. But I'm going to get you a jewel stud for your ear and a matching one for Giano. It will look good and it russian preteen email will show that you're together. We'll do that sometime this afternoon. I'm naughty preteen model thinking of a tiny preteen old models ring for one of your nipples too, but that can be a penalty if you don't do what you're meant to sometime. Now! Give each other a hug and a kiss before you start on your half-hour. You really are an item aren't you?"Giano practically jumped into Peter's arms and they held each other tight while Martin let them."Okay! That'll do! Onto the mattress and do your half-hour without shooting this time.""Again?""What you mean again Peter? You haven't done it yet. We're going to keep going till you do, so use plenty of lubrication."Peter wasn't worried that they could last this time. The preteen kids lesbian huge orgasm he'd just had twenty minutes earlier had taken the urgency away and this time it was totally fantastic sex. Giano was still very responsive but Peter's cock did most of the work. They even used their face-to-face position and Peter could play with Giano's cock without fear of setting him off. The horniness gradually built though and for the last ten minutes they both had to be careful to stop and swap before they got carried away. Martin's laughter at Giano's groans probably saved them once, and another time Peter nearly lost it when Martin made him keep going so he could check that his balls were squishing against Giano's body enough. This time the toplees preteen models half-hour seemed to go too quickly and when Martin said the time was up preteens bbs top Giano asked if they could keep going."All right!" He laughed, "but it's the same rules and you mustn't come." They lasted another 15 minutes before Peter just wasn't game to keep going."Okay! Clean up and then will get ready for the beach."In their high state of arousal they both stayed without moving."Martin! Can't we finish each other off?""No! Go and have your wash."When they got back Martin had a pair of scissors and was cutting the lining out of a pair of light blue racing speedos."These are for you Peter because Giano is going to wear the white ones."Giano did look great with the white material against his dark skin but Peter felt embarrassed for him at the way his cock was standing out. It had to go to one side to fit in with the low-cut and everywhere it touched the material you could tell its shape and colour. God! preteen skirts Now he could tell just how much he revealed when he was wearing them himself the other day. The ones he had on now were bad enough, but at least they were slightly bigger and had some colour in them. Martin loved it and pthc preteen said it was much more impressive having both of them like that."I can't wait to see if you get many looks when we're on the beach."They did get the looks and before they went in the water Martin took them for a slow stroll past the crowded section preteen nn forum and then back again."Wow! That was amazing! I think nearly every pair of eyes on the beach checked you out and they sure didn't spend much time on your faces."Poor Giano! His face got flushed every time they went near someone new and he had the same trouble with having to keep pulling the speedos up at the back. Apart from their rude speedos and Martin's kiss rule, the next four hours were really enjoyable, and they swam, relaxed on the beach and talked about ordinary stuff, and at one stage Peter even dozed off for twenty minutes. Kiss! -- As soon as the word snapped out they had to roll together preteen lover pictures and give each other a full on mouth kiss for at least five seconds."You know you want to Peter, and nobody here knows you so I littles virgins preteen don't know what you're worried about."They all did some hard swimming training and Peter was quite amazed at how much Martin seemed to be back in friendly mode again. At about three o'clock they went back to the cabin and for once Peter was able to put on ordinary clothes. They walked through the shops looking at various things till Martin made a satisfied sound."Here it is! I remembered seeing it preteen models lol the other day.""Martin! Does this hurt? And what about swimming? Will it stop us training while it heals?""Hmm! I didn't think of that. We'll find out anyway."'Guys and Gals Piercing', the sign in the window advertised the latest techniques, but they didn't have time to read anything properly because Martin took them straight in. There were two attendants, a good-looking guy and a girl with a friendly face, and they both gave a great welcome. The guy had a gold ring in his ear and preteen hazel sex when he started speaking Peter could see there was a gemstone of some kind sparkling from the front of his tongue. Martin did all the talking and Peter couldn't believe his ears."Hi! We want to find out about ear piercing. Peter and Giano are lovers and I'm thinking of giving them a nice gift."When two pairs of eyes switched away from Martin to look at them, Peter's face went brilliant red and Giano's mouth fell open for a moment. The moment passed, the young guy took over, and for the next ten minutes he answered all their questions. He was very enthusiastic about it all and Peter couldn't help liking him."Quite a few of our customers are couples but not many of them are both guys, and they're not usually so open about liking each other. We usually get a story about a dare or a bet. What kind of price were you thinking of? Our basic range starts at about $20."Peter nearly fell over when Martin said $50-$60 for each of them. Paul, as he introduced himself, raised his eyebrows and said it was quite a bit for a first time."We often find that people decide they don't like them and get upset when we can't refund their money.""Well! Let's have a look at some so we've got an idea."Peter was really impressed with the setup. His picture was taken from different angles with a digital camera and loaded into a computer, then each stud could be positioned to give a good idea what it would look like. Paul explained that if your ears were already pierced it was better to slip the stud in and use a mirror."This is the best method we've got if they haven't been pierced though."Their minds were made up quickly when Paul brought out the preteen girl erotic stud he thought would suit them best, and in a short while Peter was checking his new look in the mirror. When Giano was finished Martin stood them next to each other."Wow! Paul! That looks great! It's better than I expected even."Peter was echoing Martin's views in his own mind. Not that he'd had any choice but he'd been dubious till he saw how good it looked on Giano, and he was even pleased with himself."What do you think Peter?""It looks great Martin!""And what about you Giano?""I didn't want it Martin, but now I've got it I'm really pleased.""Well go on then! Give each other russina preteens a kiss!"Peter gave a quick peck on the lips but this wasn't enough."Hey! Is that all? I usually can't stop them Paul. Would you mind if they make it a real one?"Paul had a big smile now and Peter sensed that he was keen for them to go ahead."Of course not! I'd love them to."Peter knew what Martin expected so it was a full on hug and mouth-to-mouth affair for a couple of minutes. When they finished Martin was looking very pleased and Paul was looking a bit surprised."Paul? What's the story with getting a nipple pierced? They won't do it now but you've been so good we'd like your advice."A slightly puzzled look appeared on Paul's face and Peter knew he'd started to wonder why Martin was doing even more organising."Well it's no trouble at all! Have a look if you like.""Oh good! Take your shirts off you guys, so Paul can check you out."Peter wondered if Martin had meant to say it that way, but after a couple of tugs and a lift he was standing bare-chested and waiting for Giano to do the same. Paul stared. That was the british topless preteen only way to describe it, then plump preteen picture he kind of snapped out."Boy! You guys must work out or something. You look really fit.""Yes! We're all swimmers and do a lot of training."Peter answered and then jumped when Paul started tugging on his nipple. He did the same to Giano then said they'd have no worries."The only thing I suggest is that you make sure you get gold rings to suit Giano's dark skin. If you do decide to go ahead we can give you a good discount. Hang on! I'll give you an idea what it would look like."He was back in the moment with both a gold and silver ring and proceeded to hold them both against Peter's nipple and then Giano's"We can do it with the camera again if you like, but I think you can tell what I mean about the colours. The other thing is to make sure you don't get anything bigger than this size and that the metal is no thinner."Peter and Giano went outside and basically looked japanese nude preteens at each other with the new sparkle and flash of light in their ears while they waited for Martin to settle up."Peter! Yours looks terrific! I'm really glad Martin made us have them now."Martin took quite a while, but when he came out he was looking pleased with himself."Well that worked out well and you both look so good I wanted to get myself one. Do you think it would suit me Peter?""I think so Martin. You should have asked Paul while we were inside. Why don't you go back and ask him now?""I'll ask him later. He's meeting us at the beach after he finishes work at 5:30.""You shouldn't have paid so much for them either Martin. We like them so much we're happy to pay you for them if you'll let us.""Don't worry Giano. You'll be earning them, that's for sure! Now! Let's find a butcher shop. I want to get some big two-finger steaks in case Paul decides to stay for tea."By the time they'd bought some salad and art preteen pictures wine and made their way back to the cabin it was just before five, and Martin made them put the same bathers on."We'll go for a run for half an hour and be back in time to meet Paul."God! Peter preteen nubiles nymphets was glad when that was over. There preteen naturist pageants were people the whole way along the beach and without the lining in his speedos he could feel himself flopping up and down with every step. Giano had to hold the back of his speedos with erotic preteens nn one hand the whole way to stop his butt cheeks from showing and Martin laughed every time he looked at them."Everyone on the beach must know you by now Peter. It's a wonder we haven't had someone try and latch onto you with all the advertising you're doing."Back sweet russian preteens at a spot on the beach near the cabin, Martin had plenty of instructions for them. First of all was to kiss each anime preteen sex other every five minutes or so without Martin saying anything."The same when we're back in the cabin, except I want you to make it a lot hotter there. I had a strong feeling in the shop that Paul liked you both and I want to see how far I can get him to go. If I make any suggestions you have to do them and act like it's a great idea, understand? You liked him didn't you Peter?"Peter agreed and then they saw Paul at the edge of the sand looking around. Martin waved and he came straight over. Peter saw his eyes nearly pop out at the sight of their skimpy bathers and bulging cocks, but he recovered quickly and came right up."Hi Martin! Thanks for asking me to meet up like this."He pulled his shirt off and said he wished he had some bathers but he'd just come from work."No problems! Giano! You've got a spare pair of speedos haven't you? You're the closest in size, so take Paul up and see if they fit him well enough. You look as if you like to get a suntan Paul?""I do! I often come to relax on the beach after work for an hour. It gets a bit boring in the shop sometimes."Giano jumped up, led Paul to the cabin and then they were back before too long. Peter checked Paul out as he walked closer and sat down, then cursed himself for being so obvious when he realised that Martin had been watching him all the time."How's the scenery Peter?" -Came the whispered comment when Paul was talking to Giano for a moment. The scenery was very good really and Paul's friendly 15 year preteen face was matched with a lean, smooth body, which obviously had spent quite some time in the sun. Giano's speedos were beach nude preteen slightly big but the package they were holding still filled them out very nicely, and the thin but wiry legs made Peter wonder if he was a runner. They chatted for a while, finding out about each other till Peter could feel Martin giving him the evil eye. Wriggling right next to Giano, Peter leaned across and kissed magazine models preteen him on the lips. He felt Giano's mouth open and before he knew it his tongue was in a full duel with Giano's."There they go! They're at it every chance they can get."Peter heard Martin's voice but hardly took any notice because Giano was holding his head. If they didn't stop he knew he'd be turned on and in these speedos the whole world would know. With a gasp for air he sat up and archive preteens nudes saw Paul and Martin looking at him."Do you think it's all right for guys to kiss in public Paul?""Of course it is. If it's all right for a guy and a girl then I can't see any difference. It's not hurting anyone so I don't see why there's any problems.""Do you get many gay guys coming into your shop? You seemed to be happy to see Peter and Giano this afternoon.""It's hard to tell, because they don't look any different to other guys. Sometimes you know if they're partners, but stacks of guys get piercings nowadays.""I meant to ask you about that. Peter and Giano reckon I should get a stud too. What do you think?""Well that's easy for me to say Martin. I've hardly ever seen a guy who didn't look good with one. You'd look extra good though, underground preteen mpg as long as you picked the right style."Peter jumped when he felt Giano's hand move across his chest and play with his nipple. What was he doing? He got an even bigger shock when Giano's hand moved down and rested over his bellybutton. His fingers made little movements which sent an instant message to Peter's cock. God! He was starting to get hard, and if he kept going he didn't think his cock would stay in these speedos. He could roll on his stomach preteens squirting to hide himself but he knew he'd be in trouble with Martin then. The only other thing he could do was lean across and give Giano another kiss. At least it hid him, but the trouble now was that it kept making him harder."Look at these two. How horny can they get? preteen islands pics Peter! You haven't got a boner out in public have you?"With his face on fire, Peter rolled off Giano preteens fucks and quickly onto his stomach."They do this all the time cartoon preteen xxx in the cabin Paul, but at least no one can see them there. I think we'd little asian preteens better go in."Holding their towels to hide themselves, Peter and Giano followed Martin and Paul back to japanese preteen poohnany the cabin. The towels went when Martin said not to bring them in because of the sand and Peter gave up trying to hide himself. There wasn't much point in here because Martin made jokes about bananas in their speedos, which meant Paul had to look at them anyhow and then he laughed about the mattresses on the floor and told Paul to come and get a drink."We'll leave them to it. They haven't had a chance all afternoon."It was hardly leaving them, because the kitchen was just another part of the living area preteen japan gallery and while Martin got glasses and poured cartoons sex preteen some wine from a cask, Giano pulled Peter down on the mattress."I'm sorry Peter! Martin told me I had to make you get a boner as soon as I litle preteens nude could after Paul arrived."He gave a bit of a laugh."It didn't take much did it?"Giano rolled on top, then reached between them and pulled Peter's cock out of the speedos."And I have to keep you hard as much as I can. He sounded really strong about it."Peter pulled preteen rusian girls Giano against him, told him not to worry, and felt himself pump fully hard while Giano's fingers worked on him."Hey! Stop for a minute so we can have a drink together. I don't think Paul is used to people carrying on like you two."Giano moved off. Peter turned on his stomach next to him and there was an awkward silence for a moment till Paul brought over the two glasses of wine."Paul's being the host when he's the guest. You two rudies should be ashamed of yourselves."There was a laugh and a grin all round, and for about ten minutes the situation felt quite normal. Paul answered some questions about the shop, asked a few about their swimming and Peter was relieved to feel himself gradually soften enough to sneak his cock back inside his speedos."Have you ever had a massage Paul?""What? Um, no! Not really!""They feel great. Do you think you'd enjoy getting one?""I don't know! I guess pre teen pornography so, but they cost so much I couldn't afford it.""That means you wouldn't mind trying doesn't it?""Well, everyone says they're good for you."Peter knew that Paul had trapped himself in one nude photos preteens of Martin's games when he heard this answer, and it happened straightaway."Great! Lie down nudes preteens models on the mattress and Peter will give you one."Paul looked surprised but before he could say anything Martin grabbed his arm and in a friendly but firm way manoeuvred him down."It will be our way of saying thanks for looking after us so well this afternoon. Giano, go and grabbed a couple of fresh towels and the bottle of massage oil in my bag. You know the one I mean."While they waited for Giano, Martin said how Peter did this sometimes. As soon as Giano was back ing preteen boys Martin spread the towel and had Paul lying on his stomach. They found a pillow for his head and then Martin told him to close his eyes."Keep them closed for a while till you've relaxed a bit. Hang on! We don't want to get oil on those speedos. Peter! Just slip them off him will you!"Peter was quite astonished at Martin's directness and he wondered what Paul was thinking. Somehow, Martin had stripped him naked without any fuss in a couple of minutes."Go on Peter! Make it a massage like that one you gave Johnno the other time. Giano you help Peter and do whatever he tells you."Peter spread the oil over Paul's back and steadily worked at rubbing it in. He kept asking Paul if it was feeling okay and Paul kept saying it felt great. Peter worked from one bikini preteen gallery side and he had Giano on the other copying him. They started at Paul's neck and gradually worked their way down."See how you like this Paul. It's called the seesaw."This was totally made up, but Peter thought it was a good name anyhow. He knelt astride Paul and sat down just below his buttocks so he could run his palms up and down the whole length of his spine, one on each side, and got Giano to kneel at his head and do the same thing."Hey get those speedos off! You know the oil will stain them."Since they both had oil on their hands he came over and tugged their speedos off. At the same time he made motions for Giano to get Peter hard. With a handful of oil and a few rubs, this happened while Peter kept working on Paul's back. Martin pointed at Paul's butt next and Peter spread more oil and started working it around. Peter couldn't help thinking it was a really nice butt as he first massaged the mounds and then gradually moved his palms further and further into the cleft. Paul tensed all over for a while but soon he relaxed again and now Peter knew he could do whatever he liked."Okay Paul! Turn over now!""Um! Can we wait a while?""Why? Are you embarrassed?""Yes!""No problems! That happens to everyone. It just means the massage is working properly. Look! I've got one too."Paul was still reluctant, but he turned over and Peter saw his eyes widen. Very purposefully, Peter knelt over him again then sat down so that his balls were resting directly against Paul's, then spreading some more oil, he worked his hands on Paul's chest."Are you going to close your eyes again Paul, or do you want to keep looking?""I'll keep looking. I mean I'll keep my eyes open."Peter kept rocking his balls gently against Paul's in time with the movement of his arms and checked this new cock out at the same time. It wasn't really that long, but it was quite stubby with a long head on it. The whole shaft had an interesting bend and was a darker colour than the head. The look of disbelief on Paul's face was changing to need, and when Peter asked softly if he was ready he gave a nod then held his head up to watch. More oil was used and Peter's hand wrapped around Paul's cock with a twisting motion to spread it all over. Paul made a little moaning sound, dropped his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. He opened them when Peter moved off and the surprised look came back as Giano took his place."Hey Paul! Are you enjoying your thank you? Giano show him how well you can kiss extrem preteen porn and then Peter can do the same."Martin told european preteen gallery them to get into it for another half an hour while he cooked their meal."Paul! You're the boss and they'll do anything you like."Paul was now sandwiched between two bodies and looking very pleased about it. When Martin moved away Paul very quietly asked what was going on."What does he mean when he says I'm the boss Peter?""It's a game he plays with us Paul. Don't worry about it.""How did he know I'm gay?""It was probably the way you looked at us when we took our shirts off this afternoon. erected erection preteen Now, what do you want us to do?""I don't know! I don't want to be your boss.""All right! We'll have a one-handed wrestle for a while.""One hand?""Yes! Your other hand will hold me, and I'll hold Giano, and he'll hold you.""Hold you? Do you mean.....?""Yes! It should be fun but we have to be careful of course."Peter watched the mixed look of fascination and nervousness on Paul's face and helped him through the first moment by grabbing his hand and guiding it to his cock. Very quickly his confidence grew and he eagerly copied the actions being done to him. It was fun and they messed around till Martin called out that the food was nearly ready, and then they had a daisy-chain jerk off."How are you going Paul? Are they looking after you? No! Don't put your speedos on! We often don't wear anything when we're together and Peter and Giano never do."Paul just accepted it but Peter was surprised when Martin slipped his own off as well."Peter! Take Paul in for a quick shower to get all the oil off."Maybe it was a good butcher shop, or maybe it was Martin's cooking. The steaks disappeared in a flash and the Greek Salad he'd made was nearly as good."Paul! Does anyone know you're gay?""No! But I hardly know myself. This is the first time anything ever happened to me.""Are you joking? You're such a good-looking guy! Something must have.""No! I've always kept to myself. You gave me a real surprise when you asked me to come and meet you at the beach.""So no one's ever even given you a blow job?"Paul looked at Martin then shook his head."Well! You're sure preteen models lesbian going to have some fun tonight. We're going to have one of our sex naturism nudist preteen sessions and we'd like you to join in. How do you feel about that?""I wouldn't know what to do Martin.""That's even better because we'll show you. Giano! Give Paul some kissing practice and then he can show Peter and me how good a teacher you are."Paul might have been finding it hard to believe, but he was really eager to do everything that Martin organised. Martin told Peter, and then Giano, to suck Paul's cock next and when Martin told Paul to have a try he didn't even hesitate."I think you're ready for preteenmodels a 69 Paul. Would you like to try it with Peter or Giano?""You say which one Martin. I don't really want to choose.""Take Giano then, but don't let yourself come or our night will be over too quickly."While Paul and Giano sucked each other for a quarter of an hour, Peter's mouth did the same job for Martin."Hey Paul! Did you like that?""It was so good I couldn't concentrate, and I kept forgetting to look after Giano properly.""Well he looks happy to me! I'm nicking out to get a video so we can have a break and I want you to keep each other hard and happy till I get back. Why don't you try a sex sandwich and a cock wrestle?"Michael grabbed his keys and left three horny guys smiling at each other."Martin is amazing isn't he? I wonder where he gets all his ideas from? I've never heard of a sex sandwich.He got the ideas out of bi preteen the stories from Peter's computer, but Peter wasn't going to tell Paul just how amazing Martin really was."It means we have to keep each other's boner's going till he gets back and we've got to make each other laugh as well. A sex sandwich mean you're going to be squeezed between me and Giano and we're going to do all sorts of things to you as well as tickling you preteen girls screwing to death.""Oh my God! I probably will die. All right! But only if we take it in turns to be in the middle."When Martin got back there were three really horny guys laughing with each other."Hey! Martin! We didn't get to do the cock wrestling, whatever that is, but I'll probably get a boner every time I see a sandwich from now on."The excitement in Paul's voice registered with Martin and he gave a big smile back, then gathered them all together on the mattress."You've never watched another guy shoot from close-up have you Paul? Well you couldn't have could you, so this is going to be special. Peter! Lie down on your back and let Paul jack you off. Tell him what makes you feel good and how fast to go when you're getting close. Paul! Watch him closely and you'll see how his balls tighten up and how far preteen pedo rape he shoots. Then you can do it to Giano naked preteenage girls and me to see the difference. You can try some of your own tricks to see if they work on us as well if you like. After that Peter is going to send you to heaven.""To heaven?""Ha! I don't mean you're going to die, I mean you're going to love it so much you won't believe it."Paul was so excited that he reached for Peter's cock like it was his best friend. He worked eagerly, with lots of comments about Peter's size and hardness, tried every idea that anyone mentioned, and actually cheered when Peter's juice shot all over his preteen porn ru chest and stomach. Giano was next, and then it was Martins turned. Martin kind of took over and kept Paul doing things to him for ages then totally amazed him with the amount of jizz he shot. When Martin sat up he grabbed Paul and told him he was awesome."Mate! You can do that for me any time! Now! Are you ready for heaven? Lie down, close your eyes and try not to yell too loud. Peter! Keep him close for about half an hour before you finish him and make it the best you can."Peter's best at sucking on a nice hot cock was very good indeed. After all he'd done it seven times just this morning, plus all those other times, and he soon had Paul screeching in ecstasy. They ate munchies, watched the action movie video with lots of unbelievable car chases, then shared the last of the wine, which was about half a glass each."Paul! Have you ever been to the horse races?""A couple of times, but I'm not that interested in them.""Well I'll bet you like these."He did! pics nonude preteens And lost the bet that he didn't really make and had to stay the night and promise to give Martin a blow job underage preteen schoolgirls in the morning. Since there wasn't enough room for four on the double bed they brought what they needed to the two mattresses and set up there. After mucking around for a while Martin plugged himself into Peter and got Paul to do the same with Giano. When Peter woke the next morning Paul was lying there slut preteen porn looking at him, and when he looked like he was going to say something Peter touched his lips to quieten preteen bikienie nude him, softly took hold of him and gave an encouraging smile. Paul's face lit up and fresh preteens photo he eagerly reached for Peter in return. They touched and traced, Paul always returning to explore the size and strength of Peter's big cock and Peter to his fascination with the curve in Paul's boner and the feel of his large bulging balls. Every time preteen sister video he gave him a friendly squeeze Paul would grin and tug Peter's cock in a game which had built up when they'd stirred each other about their special features. Martin woke up next and raced off to the toilet. This prompted a procession of the other three shaven preteens to do the same but then they were back on the mattresses and Martin took charge. His strong arms pulled Paul on top of him and in a friendly way held him there. Paul started pressing their groins together and with a laugh Martin encouraged him to keep going."You're a randy boy this morning aren't you Paul? Show me how much you remember thumnails preteen models from last night and then if you still want to, you can keep your promise about a blow job."Paul was keen to do anything Martin wanted and leaned down for a long kiss. "Whoo! You're getting good! Giano! Roll on young model preteens top of Peter and copy Paul. He can be our sex boss.""What?"Paul stopped everything while he took this in but then a pleased look grew on his face."Hurry up and get Peter's monster going Giano. Speed your hips and don't let them stop. preteen models chinas Squish your cock against his till he's begging for it and watch exactly what I do."He sounded very dramatic and everyone laughed with him, but his activities and ideas soon got everyone going. Eventually he had Martin's cock in his mouth. Giano went to copy him but Martin shook his head not to and they moved closer to watch. As Martin got hotter and hotter he kept telling Paul what he wanted him to do. Just as he was about to shoot he grabbed Paul's head and held in place. Paul struggled for a couple of seconds only, then Peter could see his throat and cheeks working to swallow the giant load that Martin had built up over night. Martin kept holding him for several minutes, exactly the way he liked it with Peter, then sighed and let Paul go."Sorry Paul! I mean to ask you but it felt so good I couldn't stop myself.""It's all right! I wanted to really, after Peter did it like that for me last night, but I was nervous about it.""Sorry!"Peter knew he wasn't one bit sorry, but at least Paul was happy about it."Lube yourself Peter and give Paul topless preteen nudist a goodbye present. All you have to do is lie on your back and enjoy this Paul. Peter will do all the work."Peter eased himself down onto Paul's cock and watched the astonished expressions on his face. He liked Paul more and more as the time went on and there was friendliness in their interaction as Peter brought him to a peak three times before letting him finish. Ballsy! He'd say, and "Monster", would be the reply as Paul tugged on the rod bobbing in front of his face. Martin made some breakfast while Peter and Giano shared the shower with Paul, who had to eat and run to make it to work on time. They exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses and arranged to keep in contact."We're busy for the next two or three weeks asstr preteen bikini Paul, but come any weekends you like after that and we'll make space for you in my room or Peter's. You might have to share a bed with someone.""Really? I hope it's you Martin. You're one of the friendliest guys I've ever met."As soon as Paul was out the door Martin went all strict again and Peter and Giano had to get each other boned up. Peter talked about Paul and said how friendly he was."That was because I gave him personal time Peter. I could have got him to do anything I wanted and he would have loved it. The quiet, lonely ones are easy to get round. What you looking at me like that for? He'll think about everything we did last night and worry about it so much we'll probably never hear from him again. Now get on the mattress and start your practice.""Practice?""Yes! You couldn't last the half hour yesterday morning, so you practice each morning till you do. It's a fantastic show and I want you to get up to forty minutes for your last night."Forty minutes! He couldn't be serious. And what was this last night business?"Martin! We can't do that! We'll never even be able to both last for thirty minutes.""Yes you underage preteen fucking will! Or Giano will be putting on that show for seven other guys, and I don't see what you're complaining about. You nude small preteen both loved it yesterday."Peter opened his mouth to argue, but then stopped when he remembered what it was like."If it's a practice does that mean we don't get into little nn preteen trouble if we can't make it?""Kiss!"Giano thought quickest and jumped to give Peter a kiss."Not big trouble Peter, but I might just call out this sometime when we're back at College. You'll only get one proper practice a day, so I know you'll be trying hard anyhow. preteens legal Your time won't count unless you haven't shot since the day before."Peter knew it was going to be just as hard as yesterday.In and out, in and out. sex preteen dressed Both cocks worked steadily in turn, taking great care to use the longest stroke they could. Martin wasn't happy unless their balls were squished and their helmet almost came into view each time. The same powerful intensity of feelings built higher and higher as russian preteen images they walked the tightrope of judgement on how long they could keep their cock in action before swapping places. Again it preteen petticoat models was Giano who shot first and did his boneless jellyfish act, while Peter only lasted a couple of minutes after him."God that looks good! But you didn't even last as long as yesterday. It must be the easy night we had with Paul. I think I'll swap your first test to Sunday to give you some extra practice."There wasn't time for another practice tight jeans preteens as they were meant to be out of the cabin by 10:00 A. M. and there was tidying up to do. At toplist preteen illegal twenty to the phone rang, which was a real surprise, and Peter answered it. Martin wanted to know who it was but Peter shushed him while he listened. With a big smile on his face he replaced the receiver and refused to answer the queries from the others."We just have to make a detour when we leave here."When the car was all packed they locked up, returned the keys, and then Peter made Martin drive to the shopping centre."We have to collect something Martin. It won't take long."In a few minutes they were outside the Guys and Gals piercing shop with Martin wanting to know what was going on. Paul came to the entrance with his friendly smile in full force and looked at Martin."Did you tell him Peter?""No way! That's for you."Fifteen minutes later they left the shop and a slightly embarrassed but very pleased Martin was looking at his reflection in every shop window to see what the new stud in his ear looked liked."Hey Giano! Do you think we'll ever see Paul again?""No! He'll probably think about what we did last night and wish he'd never known us.""Shut up you two or I'll tie your balls together.""Those quiet ones! They'll waste their money on anybody.""And your cocks!""I wonder who this best guy in the world is?""And tie weights on them!"In the car on the way back to college Martin explained the rules for the next three weeks.The End of Part Three.Author's Note.Once again any comments will be greatly appreciated. It's getting hard to persuade Peter to share his experiences but I've managed (with Martin's help) to document what happened back at College, so look for Part Four in the near future.Email Iarwain.
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